Premium Destinations

  • We produced a cloud-based application accessible for ALL of their facilities

  • This project continues to assist the company promoting their program by displaying their program in a visually pleasing method

  • The company saved 65%+ of their cost in the first year alone compared to their previous application

  • They now maintain ownership and will continue to increase their savings

Premium Destinations
Othala Trading

Othala Trading (WIP)

  • The owner contacted us because she needed to replace a simple yet unique online store

  • She had a previous site that did not have all the features needed to easily communicate with her customers

  • The turn around time for this site was was only about three to four hours

  • The owner now has many more tools to utilize better communication with customers

On Point Wildlife Removal

On Point Wildlife Removal

  • This is a website for a startup service business that humanely removes nuisance wildlife from homes in Florida

  • We provided a very fast turn around time, the site was up and running in about 2 weeks