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           We love eCommerce and ERP systems! We wouldn't be a good group of software consultants and programmers if we didn't have a beautiful and elegant way to bring you a wonderful eCommerce / ERP system. Despite building quite a few of our own - our personal favorite will always be Odoo. It packs the power of enterprise-grade websites with the ease of WordPress. Plus all of our sites are mobile friendly as well as cloud-based for reliability and security!

           Even if your only necessity is a beautiful website to awe customers and direct them to your business then look no further. Although WordPress may be easy to use, it still takes valuable time to get websites to shock, awe, and amaze. We provide hosting for more lavish sites than still competitive in pricing. And if at a later date you wish to add such items like forums, blogs, surveys, online sales, employee payroll, or inventory management we can quickly drop these into your personalized website. 

           Don't think our skill-base ends here! Many companies have trouble reaching out to social media to gather a following and grow in popularity. This is free advertising! Too many businesses don't use this amazing aspect of the 21st century and lose valuable revenue from simply not keeping in touch with their online presence. Our skills have skyrocketed the reputation of numerous companies. Your website will be the first one shown in front of competition with our SEO optimization. We can provide social media bots at your whim to maintain a constant flow of content to keep your company on everyone's mind. We can even monitor your online reviews and increase your rapport with customers at the click of a button. 

           If you do not have a website or are not happy with your current one - you have nothing to lose by giving us a call to receive a free assessment.  

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