Security For You and Your Customers

Frank Norris

Our team is mostly comprised of back-end developers. For those that don't know - the difference between back-end and front-end developers is where you place your value in something. I know this picture is too generalized to be taken seriously - but give it some thought.

For anyone that thinks this reference may be overrated, hear me out: Designers (front-end developers) simply know how to make a website beautiful. I can agree that if you want the cheapest and prettiest site - this is a great option. Indeed that combo may seem like the best deal for any new business owner. There is actually a major flaw when you tread this path: Security...

We want our customer's to have the most secure and safe site possible.I have seen many websites over the years that had no depth behind the visuals. In fact anyone could easily steal your website and basically all the money you just spent on it!. All they have to do is is simply copy enough of the code by right clicking on any page, click "view page source", ctrl + a (select all), ctrl + c (copy), and throw all of the contents into their own webite (which is ridiculously cheap if you know where to look). Congratulations, you just learned how to steal a 400$ a month website to sell for yourself.

The real power of back-end developers - we know how these scams work and we have already taken actions to prevent it. You can't steal our customer's sites. You can't enter specific text into survey form fields to remove every single business transaction from the database. Not only that, every single one of our sites comes with encryption and secure login features. Credit cards can't be stolen from our software.

Our top priority are our customers and their own. We will share all of our knowledge because the more informed our clients are - the better we can fulfill their needs. We want to help businesses to stop getting scammed and tricked by those types of companies previously mentioned. 

Space and Sun Software entered this market to make sure companies get the best software for the best price. There have been too many times that our personal friends had to declare commercial bankruptcy with no recourse of action on their incompetent software providers. We truely stand by our commitment to our quality